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About Yuan Art Museum

Launched by Ms. Luo Shaoying in 2016, the Yuan Art Museum is open to the public since December 16, 2016. Located in a riverside spherical building among the business complex of Dongyuan 1891 in Nanbin Road, Chongqing, the Museum is known as the Eye of Chongqing for its unique shape. As an avant-garde art space, this Museum, seated along the Yangtze River, allows the visitors to have an overview over the world. Covering an area of nearly 2,000 sqm, it has a terrace in the sky, presenting the spectacular view of the Yangtze River. The space serves the purposes of artwork collection and appraisal, public art education, fashion event planning and high-end consumer community interactions as a unique landscape building and art space. The Museum is able to present several forms of art, play as well as dance and music performance with easels, sculptures, installations and multimedia. 

Aiming to build "A Museum Accessible to Everyone", the Yuan Art Museum positions itself as the "Inspiring Church of Art and Aesthetics of the City". It reaches out to the public and enhances their tastes and art appreciation skills by planning and holding academic, pioneering and trendy art exhibitions, education programs and fashion events.

A Museum Accessible to Everyone

It is wished that a young man would manage to find time to visit the Yuan Art Museum when he hears about an event to be held here; that he would be touched deeply and reflect on something he has never thought about before when he makes it to the Museum; and that he would know art and the relationship between art and life better when he leaves the Museum.

The Museum presents the latest commercial experience, the most avant-garde art, and the hottest culture discussions. It is wished that the like-minded ones would make it a routine to enjoy a concert, an experimental play and a seminar here. This space shall not be limited by the traditional scenes. Everything is possible here.

Hope the Yuan Art Museum can grow into an Inspiring Church of Art, open to everyone, regardless of wealth, race and gender. A church carries the mission of teaching the public; so does the Yuan Art Museum. You come here, you experience it, you leave and you discuss your experience with others. Your life would be more colorful, whether you gain the aesthetic pleasure or empathy, get inspired or shocked, or even feel disappointed and disgusted. The city as a would get more vigorous with more possibilities. Hope the Yuan Art Museum become A Museum Accessible to Everyone.

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